The name refers both to a tourist trail, which we hope you will find time to explore, as well as a project co-financed by European Union funds awarded within the scope of the Operational Programme for Łódzkie Voivodeship 2014-2020.

Promoting and developing tourism within Rawa Mazowiecka Commune through the establishment of a tourist trail linking the most important and interesting natural and cultural heritage sites was and still remains the project’s main goal.

One of the project’s objectives was to build the Rawa Mazowiecka Commune brand, associated with the region’s tourist attractions as well as quality local products and services.

The brand concept was developed as a result of seventeen (!) workshops held between March and May 2022, surveys, focus groups as well as meetings with Artrur Gnat and Olga Gałek, DOM MARKI Max von Jastrov representatives, who have been at the forefront of local government marketing communication for the last twenty years.

The Rawa Mazowiecka Commune logo comprises a symbol and the brand name. The symbol depicts the commune’s approximate boundary inscribed on a painter’s palette. Its colour scheme is reminiscent of local agricultural landscapes as seen from a bird’s eye view, interspersed by crops and Rawka River. Colour diversity is emphasised by both the palette motive and its representation.

12 Tourist Stops where visitors have an opportunity to take part in thematic and artisan workshops and sample local products have been established along the 90 kilometre tourist trail spanning Rawa Mazowiecka’s most charming spots through the inspiring involvement of various active Farmer’s Wives’ Associations.

There are motanka doll making workshops, pyrography, culinary, felting, paper wicker and crêpe paper decorations workshops, ethnographic workshops as well as a broad range of eco-friendly workshops. It is also possible to sample excellent local products and feast together at given Tourist Stops.

Visitors will also find the Dialogue Garden along the Rawa Mazowiecka Heritage Trail. This unique place for active rest and prayer in direct vicinity of the beautifully restored church and Jesuit college was established as a result of a partnership with the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary Parish in Rawa Mazowiecka.

The Garden is an important site on regional history maps. It was within this parish that in 1939 the Germans had set up a prisoner of war camp for soldiers and civilians. Residents of Rawa Mazowiecka and the surrounding areas were detained there. The “Polish Nation’s Way of the Cross” is one of the Garden’s main elements. It commemorates the martyrdom of Poles during World War II. The Garden is also home to the “Circle of Peace” – a stone rosary where each stone represents a given country and continent. Bound by a forged chain, the stones of the Circle symbolically represent the entire world united in spiritual dialogue for building peace as well as mutual understanding and respect.